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  • Mood: Artistic
Tagged by :iconmetalatias5:

1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3.Tag other people

... I'm giving myself a challenge..

-A. How old are you?
Bowie: *shrug* 8I we never really counted age when we were born.. I'm not so sure, to be honest..
PervyBowie: *does a derp face as she shrugs* XD No idea
EvilBowie: *folds arms* Since when did I start counting up the days since I was created? That's ridiculous, I have better things to think about..
KittyBowie: Uhhhhhhh~ 8o
MaskBowie: *shrugs* :I Who cares about our age?
ThiefBowie: *too focoused on a shiny it's got a hold of* 8o Oooh~
Cat: Ooh, good question! *thinks about it* uhhmm... I'm not really sure.. .__.
Koda: *shrug* :I I dont think anyone knows our ages..
Pib: *rubs the back of head, awkwardly* X'D this is awkward.. I dont actually know how old I am.. I just know I'm the oldest out of all the other kids in my group and I'm still a kid.
Paige: 8I ... *tilts head* Age?
Mou: *shrugs* ..
Lin: Dunno D8 *looks at her sisters who dont know* :I ...
Rouge: *too busy thinking about something with a pervy grin* :] ..
Blake:*hiding behind one of the Bowies to not get seen by PervyBowie* >.>' ...
JokeBowie: *totally gets off the subject* 8D HEEYYYY!! *gets out a pipe about to hit you, thinking you're filled with candy*

-B. Do you want a hug?
Bowie: 8I Uhm.. ok :D *hugs*
PervyBowie: 8D Ok! Let me give ya some loving~ *hugs* XD
EvilBowie: *pulls at a blade in defence* -.- touch me and I'll rip you apart..
KittyBowie: 8I *shrugs and hugs* XD
MaskBowie: :/ .... No.
ThiefBowie: *turns to you and tilts head* 8o .. :D HUGS! *hugs*
Cat: :3 hehe, ok! :D *hugs*
Koda: *shrinks down* >.> no.. just... no..
Pib: X'D ok *hugs*
Paige: :D Huggy! *hugs and purrs* :3
Mou: ... .__.
Lin: 8I *awkwardly hugs*
Rouge: 8O .. 8] *pounces on you*
Blake: *hides even more and growls* D8< NO!
JokeBowie: 8I *hits you with pipe* D8< FIRST CANDY!!!

-C. Have any bad habits?
Bowie: ... *points at her fans* Attracting fans since I was created? X'D
PervyBowie: *seems thoughtful* ... I do have the urge, pranking, being loud, to fidgety... *continues to ramble on about her habits*
EvilBowie: *stabs blade in some random stitchpunk* ... What? 8I
KittyBowie: *Mumbles and thrusts her tail around aggressively* -.- mwe no cuate..
MaskBowie: *sees X* 8I .. *shoots arrow in his neck* :lmao:
ThiefBowie: ... Help Library guys? 8I *playing with shiny also to show it also has an addiction to collecting them*
Cat: *rolls around on the floor, purring* X3
Koda: *shrug* :I
Pib: I guess it's just me when I say I wish for all the kids to be as strong as me so we can all fight when we're older.. *rubs the back of her head* X'D I get over excited at the thought of me being a sort of leader or something like 7..
Paige: 8o .. *giggles and plays puppy with StitchDog* X3
Mou: :I SoulBonding I guess..?
Lin: 8o Tickle Game! :D
Rouge: *giggles and strokes her own opening, thinking about bonding with X and making Hope angry* :] what bad habits?~
Blake: *sewing* ... >.>' I take it as a hobby not a bad habit X'D But.. It's a little embarrassing especailly when.. SAMMY POINTED IT OUT!! D8<
JokeBowie: *still hitting you with the pipe* D8< CANDEEEHHH!!!

-D. Are you a virgin?
Bowie: 8I ... X'D well, yeah.. where did you think my kids came from?
PervyBowie: *blushes and giggles* XD Hey, we ALL gotta bond at some point X'D ...
EvilBowie: *thinks about it* ... Technically in Bowies body when I was just taking over... She did get raped alot and PervyBowie got her to rape too.. so sort-of.. but not in my own body so technically.. No.
KittyBowie: *shakes head* Nwo! >3<
MaskBowie: Pff, I cant be bothered to talk about my "sex life" or anything else..
ThiefBowie: 8I *tilts head* :? whazzat?
Cat: *not sure what you mean* :?
Koda: XD pff, you mean by SoulBonding? Pff, I lost it.. 8I yeah, it was kinda weird but y'know *points at PervyBowie* EvilBowie hates her so I had to.. >XD
Pib: ... Tickle Game? .___. *thinks when EvilBowie nearly made Feivel bond with her fully* ... DX ugh
Paige: 8/uhhhhhmmmmm...
Mou: :I I'm a rapist, I've lost alot of things. Including limbs. :/ *thinking when X attacks her and her sisters* >.>
Lin: 8I I have done tickle game.. I dont know what you mean by virgin 8/
Rouge: *shrugs* It really depends like the others said, if you mean by sex I've totally gone through with that :]
Blake: :/ ....
JokeBowie: *drops pipe after a while pouting* >3<

-E. Have any kids?
Bowie: *nods and smiles a little* I have my two little girls :) Pib and Paige..
PervyBowie: XD duh! I have the best kids ever! Pib, Paige and Feivel!... *thinks about Blake* ... I did have four.. :c I dont think he'd ever wanna see me again.. *depression-mode*
EvilBowie: What? NO! I'd love to watch others go through such a state with pregnancy but one.. I dont have a "mate" secondly, I'd kill him if I had one :I and finally, I dont accept pain upon myself, only on others.. *points at her beasts* THIS is already like raising children! >.>
KittyBowie: *shakes head* I dwon wan.. :/
MaskBowie: *shrugs at the idea* X'D Never had a partner so.. If I did, possibly.
ThiefBowie: *cradles a shiny* :3
Cat: B-but.. I AM a kid D8
Koda: I used to have a child *folds arms* He was such a handful so I had to give him away to PervyBowie, at least she'd get hurt until I found out he ran away :/ I dont bother to look for him since I have no need to meet a child I no longer desire..
Pib: ... Wh-why do I need to answer this? >.>'
Paige: NUUUU! XD I'm too young, silly!
Mou: I'm actually suprised I've not made anyone pregnant, yet.. I hate children so that's ok I guess :/
Lin: *shakes head* Noope 8I
Rouge: .. *smiles a little* I do have a daughter :) she's so adorable :3 *rubs the back of her head* >.>' I just kinda hope.. she wont get caught by EvilBowie to force her to be a pervert :/
Blake: *stops hiding and folds his arms* Not really, I'm a bit young for bonding and raising a family dont you think?
JokeBowie: 8o .. *puts a screw in her mouth and pretends to be a baby* .... WAAAAAHHHHHH >3<

-F. Favorite food or drink?
Bowie: Well, Stitchpunks can't eat, though EvilBowies beast can feed on Oil or fabric *shudders*
PervyBowie: Food and drink? What is this sorcery 8I
EvilBowie: *holding some fabric and oil from a victim* Uh... This isn't for me, btw >.>
KittyBowie: *sucks on oil* XI ... BeastBoweh say me gwotta get uzz to et..
MaskBowie: *shakes head* I dont eat or drink oil and fabric like the others X'D I wasn't filled with oil or designed like that..
ThiefBowie: *feels sick thinking when she first woke up and EvilBowie tried to get her to take Oil and fabric* XI
Cat: *Shakes head* No, though in CatBowie form I did have to hunt with my mom but I never ate like her X'D
Koda: Nope.
Pib: I know that the bear-beast-thing does... 8I
Paige: D8 No! Scarey beasts do, though! 8[ *hides*
Mou: eat fabric and drink oil? *shudders* >.< no, thanks..
Lin: gross :I
Rouge: *thinks* ... I did try to drink some oil to see why the beasts enjoyed it so much.. :/ I threw up.. I guess I wasn't designed to be like them X'D
Blake: I like the idea of eating fabric and oil like beasts but.. *clutches belly* My body doesn't..
JokeBowie: 8I *ribs a piece of fabric and shoves it in mouth, not caring if it likes it or not*

-G. Killed anyone?
Bowie: Not that I know of.. .__.''
PervyBowie: *sighs and hangs her head* I've tried.. SOOO many times to kill EvilBowie.. i-it just doesn't work out so good for me and her.. Usually I die with her or something.. She keeps coming back though D8
EvilBowie: *nods* Oh god, lots of times :/ I tried to kill PervyBowie and Bowie, yes they die for a short period of time but they get revived >:] Which is good I guess if I miss torturing them..
KittyBowie: Nwot vet.
MaskBowie: I haven't killed anybody yet cause I didn't feel it was really their "time"..
ThiefBowie: *shakes head* Me dont has the skills and tech-ni-q's...? 8I
Cat: I did say I hunted for a while X'D I only the lurer.. I could kill small things but that was rare since nothing is small in the emptiness >.>
Koda: Not really had the guts to  be noticed for murder >.>'
Pib: *shakes head* I'd kill if I had to, I wouldn't do it for fun
Paige: D8 that's mean! why would you even want to ask me that? :c
Mou: Nope, I only bond with others I dont like killing.. >.> too much of a mess to clean..
Lin: *shakes head*
Rouge: I haven't killed since I have no one to kill, yet. :/ I'd like to kill Hope maybe and PervyBowie for EvilBowie but y'know 8I X would hate me more D: then be alot harder to get a hold of for bonding >.<
Blake: I tried to rip of Sammys head once 8I ...
JokeBowie: ... *raises bloody pipe*

-H. Hate anyone?
Bowie: EvilBowie, 10, beasts, etc.
PervyBowie: I really do hate EvilBowie but I also hate 10 but I dont hate-hate I just dont like to be around him >.>' He kinda creeps me out but yet I kinda like how he gave Uncle X something that makes him strong but yet he forces him to be on his urge whenever he wants D: It's really confusing!
EvilBowie: I hate all the Library punks :I ESPECAILLY Bowie and PervyBowie and also her damn "Uncle X" >XI
KittyBowie: ... *points at note that says "Cute"* :X
MaskBowie: ... I dont actually hate anyone, I just dont favourite the library-punks, they're fun to watch training, etc. but at the end of the day I'm just doing my purpose
ThiefBowie: *mumbles* EvilBowie.. >.>
Cat: I dont like saying "hate" I'd say it as... "not ok with" X'D I'm not so happy to be around my mom when she's mad :/ she's really agressive.. and EvilBowie scares me alot D:
Koda: I really do hate library-punks XI
Pib: EvilBowie, Beasts, etc. :/
Paige: D: the bad guys!
Mou: I actually hate EvilBowie >.> She never shuts up about PervyBowie and Bowie, etc. and I'd like her to leave me and my sisters be.
Lin: I like everybody 8I *shrugs* maybe a little on the library-punks but X scares me :c
Rouge: I HATTTTEEEEEEEEE HOPE DX< She ruined everything! I could've had X!  OH! and PervyBowie!! D8< she walked in on mine and X's bonding-moment!!
Blake: -.- everybody... they all want to convince me to do something THEY want! D: no one wants me to do what I like! :[
JokeBowie: *tightly squeezes the pipe* anyone with no candy D:<

-I. Any secrets?
Bowie: I'm very open when it comes to secrets... Well, I never told my dad personally when me and PervyBowie were kids I had to bond with her to satisfy her urge :/
PervyBowie: D8 I have to be very honest about myself! If I dont blab I feel guilty and I explode 8'I
EvilBowie: .. Not really :/
KittyBowie: *smiles* :D BeastBoweh is wike a mommy to mwe!
MaskBowie: *shakes head*
ThiefBowie: never tell EvilBowie me likes library-punks .__.''
Cat: *shakes head* Noope, I've probably told everybody everything now :D
Koda: uhmm... oh! I hate you? :D
Pib: I hide blades in my room and I dont tell any adults? X'D
Paige: *shakes head* Noope
Mou: I dont really keep secrets, that's so childish .__.
Lin: I used to think X was gonna join our group cause Rouge said she bonded more than once with him and she keeps talking about him 8o I thought they'd be a couple! :D
Rouge: *thinks* ... People say I should fall inlove with X but I'd rather be "inlove" with the Pervy side of X X'D
Blake: I sew 8I I take it as a hobby and such X'D
JokeBowie: I dont actually like candy 8I I just like hitting people with pipes XD *swings it around wildly*

J. Love anyone?
Bowie: Duh, PervyBowie XD
PervyBowie: Love? 8I Bowies my girlfriend XD we've made our own.. "Bowie army"... wait.. what? 8I NO! I meant kids XD SORRY!!
EvilBowie: depends, I "love" my beasts, I love torturing others, etc. 8I
KittyBowie: *has yarn in its mouth* Prrr~ :3
MaskBowie: XD I really love my beast-family, they're fun to be around *chuckles* XD especailly being around ThiefBowie and BeastBowie
ThiefBowie: :D MaskBowie is fun! But I dont love XP I love my shinies 8D
Cat: Eewwwww XI Gross!
Koda: *shakes head again* :/ These questions are getting a bit soft on me, here..
Pib: I love my family and friends, that's all :)
Paige: :D Mommy, daddy, Pib, Feivel, 2, 5, Hope, X,Sammy, Faith- *continues blabbing like this for a while*
Mou: I dont love-love anyone if that's what you mean.. I "family-love" my younger siblings, of course :/ ... *sighs* and my "niece"
Lin: 8D Sis's and Rogue!
Rouge: *smiles again* I did say I had a daughter and of course I love her :) I have my sisters, too.. *pervy smirk* and I LOOVEEE to bond with X~ :]
Blake: *shakes head* Loving someone makes us weak :I I recall PervyBowie and X was actually fun until they fell inlove .__. EvilBowie never loved anybody and she's still fun.
JokeBowie: *hugs pipe*

-K. What is your job?
Bowie: I help my dad around in the workshop :)
PervyBowie: *thumbs up* I play with the kids! :D I'll even fight with the others when I feel like a badass XD
EvilBowie: *plays with a blade* I torture mainly Bowie and PervyBowie~
KittyBowie: I twick ovas wiv d'awwws :3
MaskBowie: I simply kidnap others and assist EvilBowie with her projects
ThiefBowie: Me collects stuff! :3
Cat: I used to hunt, like I said X'D fun...
Koda: I used to try and get PervyBowie bad but that completely failed >.>
Pib: I like to make sure I protect my siblings and friends :)
Paige: :3 I'll Help others if they need help? :D
Mou: I bond with others, if they like it or not :I I had to try and make PervyBowie like it.. failed.
Lin: I play the tickle game and I had to try and make Feivel love it! :3
Rouge: I had to try and make X pervy again but PervyBowie ruined that plan >.> I still bond with him whenever I can get him on his urge :]
Blake: I dont really have a job or purpose yet.. I'm still looking for it..
JokeBowie: 8D To find the candy in which you has!

-L. Favorite season?
Bowie: .. snow is pretty 8I I hate being too hot X'D But it's rare we see much weather
PervyBowie: :I anything is good if it's not raining.
EvilBowie: *shrug* too busy in the abyss to care
KittyBowie: :P ...
MaskBowie: *shoots at a random stitchpunk* Busyyyyyy <.<
ThiefBowie: *points at a colourful shiny* something with nice colours and pretty! :3
Cat: I like to have warm seasons *purrs* every nice beasts like to relax in the sun too, y'know XD
Koda: *shrug*
Pib: 8D I'd love to see snow! I've seen Snow in books and it looks REALLLY cool! :D
Paige: 8D *agrees with Pib*
Mou: Don't care :I
Lin: Pretty and warm seasons :3
Rouge:  I actually like warm seasons too, When it gets too hot EvilBowie doesn't make us do much 8I she just orders us not to go outside since we could get too hot and bothered and it'll make us easily mad around the abyss X'D
Blake: :/ ... I've not even lived long enough to see all the seasons.
JokeBowie: *shrug* 8I

-M. Who's your best friend?
Bowie: PervyBowie has always been my best friend XD I think everyone I live with is, tbh..
PervyBowie: Bowie, Uncle X, Hope, My cousins *keeps blabbing like Paige did XD*
EvilBowie: I really like MaskBowie, it's a very helpful beast and we have our moments XD *chuckles*
KittyBowie: BeastBoweh! :D
MaskBowie: EvilBowie is ok 8I
ThiefBowie: *hugs all the shinies* X3
Cat: Feivel! :D
Koda: *shrug* I dont have a Best friend.. >.>
Pib: hmm.. Well all the kids are my friends, I cant choose who's my favourite D:
Paige: Stitch! :D *hugs StitchDog*
Mou: I just like my siblings the others can go fuc- *Me:D8< HEY!!*
Lin: :3 KittyBowie is fun to play with :D
Rouge: Rogue, my siblings XD There.
Blake: :/ I dont HAVE a Beast friend..
JokeBowie: *pets pipe* *Me: :I I've been so lazy with you, haven't I?*

-N. Hobbies?
Bowie: Building stuff is a fun thing to do when bored
PervyBowie: PRANKING! XD
EvilBowie: Torture >:]
KittyBowie: Pway! :D
MaskBowie: Archery-themed stuff and I like shooting X in the back of the neck most the time XD its fun.
ThiefBowie: *shows you the collection of shinies it's found*
Cat: Playing with Feivel :3
Koda: Chilling in my room XD just like VooBowie~
Pib: Playing, training and pretending to be leader XD
Paige: Playing :)
Mou: I just like to lay back for a bit and just chill :I You'd think it'd be bonding but it's too tiring X'D
Lin: :D Tickle-Game! Playing! XD
Rouge: *smirks* Bonding~ Mainly with X~ :]
Blake: Sewing. ripping off limbs, etc.
JokeBowie: :D having parties!

-O. What are you going to do when this quiz is over?
Bowie: Probably go see how my dad is going in the workshop *shrug*
PervyBowie: Go back to playing? Maybe Prank somebody XD
EvilBowie: Go ask MaskBowie to feed the beasts? :?
KittyBowie: Gwo to BeastBoweh! :D
MaskBowie: Wait for EvilBowie to give me a command.. >.>
ThiefBowie: Go find shinies :3
Cat: Play probably XD
Koda: go back to my room? :/
Pib: Go take Paige to Feivel so we can play XD
Paige: :D I hope I'll be playing!
Mou: Go and take a walk around the abyss? :/ I'm not sure, yet..
Lin: :D see if Mou or Rouge wanna play!
Rouge: *shrug* 8I I haven't thought about it yet, why? D: we almost done?
Blake: Find something to do? :I
JokeBowie: 8D probably have a tea-party XD

-P. What is your eye color?
Bowie: Black
PervyBowie: Green! 8D
EvilBowie: Red with dark red pupils
KittyBowie: bwack wiv pwink!
MaskBowie: Red and black
ThiefBowie: A light shiny colour!
Cat: Black
Koda: Black
Pib: One is green and the other is black X'D
Paige: Green like Daddys! :D
Mou: Black
Lin: Green
Rouge: Black
Blake: One red and one green :I
JokeBowie: 8D lots of colours~

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Bowie: 8I Good.
PervyBowie: I USED to be bad but now I'm good :D
EvilBowie: I've scarred a child, I've forced rape upon my old partner, I nearly killed her, I hate nearly everyone, I demand stuff alot, I torture for fun, I create beasts that suck oil and eat fabric, if that's not bad I've failed with my purpose..
KittyBowie: *shrug* Nwot weally shu-aw..
MaskBowie: Well, I'm technically "bad" but I've not personally wanted anyone dead in the first place, I'm just following my boss's rule for the sake of not turning out like PervyBowie, I kinda feel bad for her but hey *shrugs* she betrays her partner she has to know what she's getting into.. :/
ThiefBowie: me could both. *thinking about it* ..
Cat: I was always good in the first place, I just wanted a friend to play with until I met Feivel :)
Koda: Bad.. good? I'm not so sure, I was raised to be a trickster but I did rape somebody halfway until I got forced to let that person to be dominant.. It was as if she was on instincts or something, I'm not so sure..
Pib: I'm not bad, I've always helped my family and let myself come first when danger is ahead. I just wish I was like X or something and just make the bad guys get lost.. >:/
Paige: Good guy! :D Just like mommy and daddy! :3
Mou: Pff, I've raped people, I'm pretty bad XD
Lin: 8I No... Tickle-game doesn't hurt anybody, stupid :P
Rouge: Well... I guess I'm... *strokes over her opening* a BAD girl~ :]
Blake: Not sure, I could be good but what if the good is actually bad in disguise? What if we're all bad? what if the evil is good? Think about that, it's really complex.
JokeBowie: 8I *drops Pipe to think about this* Hmmmmmmm- I'm funny! XD

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Bowie: Anything? ... Humans or more plants? That'd be great to see something NEW around here.. X'D
PervyBowie: ANYTHING?! 8D LIKE INK?! *removes anything covering her and stands* MY BODY IS READY TO BE INKED!! XD
EvilBowie: More weapons? People to torture? Better restraints?
KittyBowie: Yarrrnnnn!! :3
MaskBowie: *looks at the empty tranquilizer* something to refill my tranquilizers quicker >.>'
ThiefBowie: Shinieessss :3 *throws some in the air*
Cat: Uhh... something cute and fluffy? :3 I used to sleep on cotton stuff at the abyss but with these dangerous beasts out there I cant hunt anymore and find some more.. :/
Koda: I guess I'd like some stuff to use when I'm bored in my room >.>
Pib: I've been thinking about this and I thought what we had that stereo dad's been working on fixing working? We could have music without having to use records or maybe we'd find a radio station in use to find others! 8D
Paige: Stitch to have puppies! :D *Me: :meow: N'awww~*
Mou: I'd like someone to throw EvilBowie down a cliff 8I Sorry, it was the first thing in my head and just had to be said XD
Lin: I'd like EvilBowie to build me some friends to play with for when Rouge and Mou are too busy :c I get bored..
Rouge: Hmm.. I guess I could just ask for X to be restrained on a bed infront of me and opened *purrs* Oh! and also a dead Hope next to him so he'd have to too upset to be most dominant than us, I dont wanna get pregant >.>
Blake: Maybe to find out my purpose or a couple of parents who'd let me do as I wish or friends?
JokeBowie: *sitting by a tea-set, inside a cup* A smaller tea set! -.-

-S. What is your greatest fear?
Bowie: That if PervyBowie had got killed by EvilBowie X would come at me and rape me to restart the whole process again TnT ...
PervyBowie: *shrinks down a little at all the thoughts in her head* where to start.. uhm... I'd hate to get killed by EvilBowie and for my Uncle X to be depressed again and let himself get his free will taken.. I'm also worried about being lonely one day with my family killed or leaving me.. I also hate the thought of Pervy X offically making me his apprentice or me going beast.. *sighs and puts a hand on her scar* I may seem happy all the time, guys... but on the inside, I'm terrorfied.. :c
EvilBowie: I fear nothing! >:I everyone should fear ME!
KittyBowie: X 8I
MaskBowie: I DID have a fear of X but I got used to it after a while XD
ThiefBowie: *shrinks down and whimpers* 8c X..
Cat: X used to scare me but after I got to know why he attacked my beast-family it was just to protect his own group :)
Koda: I have no fear, tbh X'D
Pib: I'm scared of loosing my dad.. My mom stays home all the time it's just my dad, I'm surprised how she isn't too damaged by all the things she's experianced.. *sighs and smiles a little* but she always seems happy so I'm ok..
Paige: Scarey monsters! 8c
Mou: I'm only scared of loosing my sibling to some beast, I guess..
Lin: Being lonely or bored for so long.. D:
Rouge: *thinks* ... I guess loosing my daughter over EvilBowie?
Blake: I'm only scared of facing my family again, I just dont know what I could say to them.. I'm not even sure if I do want to see them yet or not..
JokeBowie: *shrugs*

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
Bowie: Bowie? Hmm.. *remembers when Queen watched a video of a parrot named Bowie and didn't realise Bowie is mainly a guys name* ...
PervyBowie: PervyBowie just states I'm half a pervert and yet have a sort of "relation" with Bowie. I didn't pick the name I just got raised normally with a strange name X'D I dont ALWAYS get called that, Like Uncle X calls me Kiddo and Hope calls me Tigger :3
EvilBowie: It means I'm the evil side of Bowie, the "beast" version of her..
KittyBowie: *meows at you and purrs* mew! :3
MaskBowie: I wear this mask *points at its mask* Underneath is an ugly appearance and I just have to cover it up, it's that ugly not even the artist can draw it, yet.. >.>
ThiefBowie: *steals a doll from VooBowie* 8I .. ?
Cat: *shrugs* it's just the name Feivel and the library-punks suggested
Koda: Koda was just a name EvilBowie picked, she had to pick a name that sounded normal for it to sound like I dont belong to the abyss
Pib: Pib? I'm not so sure... X'D
Paige: *shrug* 8I cause it's a GIRLS name XD
Mou: *Shrug* 8I I get that if you put Mou, Lin and Rouge together it makes Moulin rouge :I hahahaha..
Lin: *shrugs* 8I I just got given that name X'D
Rouge: Rouge is the french word for red and I wear red also so I'm not so sure if EvilBowie was trying to make me a french beast XD
Blake: Blake? I always thought it was chosen cause it sounded close to Blade X'D
JokeBowie: I make you laughhhh!!! 8D I say too many jokes! Wanna hear one?!- *LOL NOPE*

-U. You have sisters or brothers?

Bowie: Not really.. I cant.. My dad doesn't want to move on with his loss from my mom.. *:I basing this as Ellie wasn't revived yet*
PervyBowie: *holds up a picture of Bowen and smiles* :D My bro bro!
EvilBowie: *shakes head* Nope, I dont have siblings
KittyBowie: Nwo.
MaskBowie: XD unless all the Bowie-Beasts are sisters and Bowen is our brother then yes.
ThiefBowie: *shakes head too* Nooopppeeeee!
Cat: I might've had brothers and sisters with the beasts but now I've been disowned I guess not :/
Koda: Nah, I dont really want any either .__.
Pib: I have a sister and two brothers... Or maybe one brother I dont know if I should class Blake, anymore.. >.>
Paige: :D I've got Pib, Feivel and.. Blake? *doesn't remember alot about him*
Mou: :) Rouge and Lin are my little sis's
Lin: :D Mou and Rouge!
Rouge: X'D Yeahhhh.... I have my little sis who's known as Lin and my pouty-emo-punk Mou :/
Blake: *nods slightly* .. >.>
JokeBowie: 8I maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-W. Where do you live?
Bowie: I live in the library with my family and friends :)
PervyBowie: I used to live in this small hide-out with EvilBowie at the begining then I lived in the factory with Uncle X.. Now we BOTH live in the library! :D
EvilBowie: I live here in the abyss >:]
KittyBowie: da abyss! :3
MaskBowie: Abyss >.>'
ThiefBowie: 8I *points down the abyss*
Cat: used to live at the abyss with my mom but now I live with the library-punks
Koda: I live in the abyss, alone. I'm. MY. room :I
Pib: I live at the library with my family XD
Paige: Library! :3
Mou: Abyss :/
Lin: I live in the abyss! 8D
Rouge: *thinks* I would've had that chance to live at the library or Factory if X actually LIKED me :/ but now I live at the abyss..
Blake: In the emptiness X'D
JokeBowie: 8D In da abyss!!

-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
Bowie: ;) well how else did you think PervyBowie fell for me?~ XDD
PervyBowie: *looks at herself* .. I think I'm pretty good looking, yeah XD
EvilBowie: *looks at self in the mirror* ... *grins*
KittyBowie: :/ Nwo... I wis a-dooorrrr-bell! :meow:
MaskBowie: ... *takes mask off* is this attractive to you, then?.. -.-
ThiefBowie: *shrugs, you cant really tell due to being completely covered up in black clothing*
Cat: .__. why would I need to know that? >.>
Koda:  Well, I ant UGLY
Pib: I guess? :?
Paige: what dat mean? :o
Mou: *smirks and plays with her hair* Maybe~
Lin: 8I I'm not like BeastBowie at least XD
Rouge: *nods* Yepp :I I think I've got all the looks in order to be attractive~ X cant seem to get his hands off me~
Blake: .___. ...
JokeBowie: :noes: ... :shrug:

Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Bowie: :/ I tried to be a flirt in order for 14 and Omega to get away from X and get help.. I called him a "bad boy~" .____.'''
PervyBowie: :c I let myself fall to my death... it lead to Uncle X being depressed and lonely and making himself take his free will away..
EvilBowie: *shrugs* :I I guess trying to get Hope give birth in the abyss when X was in the abyss too and MAD.
KittyBowie: Bwe mwad wven me herd "cwute" >.<
MaskBowie: Giving my positions away X'D
ThiefBowie: *Shrugs* 8I
Cat: I guess betraying my mom?... .__.' But I think that's given me some good :)
Koda: Trying to rape PervyBowie .__.
Pib: I tried to climb up a book shelf with Feivel but we nearly fell and dad had to save us >.>
Paige: *shrug* 8I
Mou: I tried to rape PervyBowie with the door unlocked :I
Lin: I tried to bond with Feivel but 5 caught me :c
Rouge: I tried to bond with X SOOOO many times X'D and I cost me my limbs and almost my life!.. 8I
Blake: running away,  I guess..
JokeBowie: *picks up pipe* :I giving up on getting me some candy.

-Z. Any last words?
Bowie: 8I See ya.
PervyBowie: *smiles a little* what happens, there's still a chance to turn good :) If I did it, then you can.
EvilBowie: Dont let love and family take you down! >:I
KittyBowie: me nwot cwute! D:<
MaskBowie: Nope. see ya :I
ThiefBowie: *holds shiny up* :3
Cat: XD Nah, I'm good! *runs off to find Feivel*
Koda: :I thanks for the interview?
Pib: :) Dont let your weaknesses worry you. I remember saying that to Fly once.
Paige: :D You all deserve hugs and cuddles! X3
Mou: :I ... yay.
Lin: :D see ya! *waves*
Rouge: XD Yeah, see ya, guys~ Always be the dominant one!
Blake: 8I Dont let people change you! XI

I tag: 

:iconxrandompopx: :iconhoverboardfan14: and whoever else >.>

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