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:dummy: Look at this artwork!



XxQueenStormxX has started a donation pool!
248 / 1,000
Here you can donate any amount of :points: to me or if you're paying for a Commission or just ready to check for prices here they are! here's the link for the journal itself for more info! :dummy:

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Thanks for the tag, :icondonaturtle: XD

1. Post theses rules
2. No tag backs
3. Say 10 things about yourself
4. Answer each question
5. Ask 10 questions
6. Tag 10 people
7. Write the tag in a journal no comments, unless it's a link to your tag journal
8. Don't be rude when asking question or when you answering questions
9. Have fun
10. ENJOY!!!!!

10 things about me...

1. I have an addiction with RPing XD
2. I have a week off school atm 8I
3. I'm gonna dress up as an evil QueenStorm cause I can X'D
4. My dogs paw is swollen so he's gotta go to the vet D:
5. My birthday was suppose to be on my dads birthday but I ended up being born the day after XD
6. I not long ago got into TMNT
7. My favourite turtle is Mikey then Donnie.
9. I randomly "ship" NK and ICK :heart: :meow:
10. I have no regrets on that last one XD

10 question I'm answering!

1.Do you have a pet?

I have a black sherman sheperd, Male and is called Paddy :meow: Big softy but is loud X'D
I have a parrot, african grey, unknown gender but we assume is male, named Koda XD he only respects ME! :dummy: Never tried to bite me ever 8D

2. You are walking along a street and you see someone in trouble,what do you do?

D8 Ugh, I'm not brave! I either tell my parents - if they're with me or I can get them in time) or ... depending on that situation I'd try to help 8[ ?
BUT if it were like a friend :I Hell naaaaawwww *raises hand* they get a slap.. then that friend would for making me conquer my fear XDDD

3. Are you good with riddles?

8I .... is this a riddle? D8 *No XD*

4. Do you like TMNT, if you do why do you like it?

I watched it way before :iconmetalatias5: got into it and I LOVED it XD I like how they all looked different and everything but then it stopped showing after a while and I barely saw it :/ ... Then when Meta got into it I was like- D: ugh, I cant even watch on tv since I barely get catch it or it's just never on!... then slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy XD I got back into again

5. Fav. Food?

Takeaway - :I ... Mcdonalds or KFC. CHICKEN RELATED :dummy:
In general - Pizza XD

6. Fav. Games?

Not like I play alot of games so I'mma pick a game off my DSI that I've been placing recently... *sees one* Apparently Dragon Quest XD

7. If you have oc's what one do you use the most?

I think I use my Bowies too much 8I especailly Bowie or PB... I cant help it XD I love them to bits!

8. Out of 1-10: How lazy can you be?

I can beeee.... not 10, so maybe.... 7 or 8 depending XD here's my routine.
1) Get up at around 11pm - went to bed late or not either way on a weekend
2) gets to laptop. Don't move at all and the food or drink will end up coming to you. Unless you're waiting for a comment or something then walk around the house boredly XDD
3) go to bed late, repeat all of that.

9. Who is your worst enemy?

:shrug: No idea XD I would never say my sis cause sisters have to act like they hate eachother at some point in their lives and plus we dont even hate eachother. My family is where you gotta act like you either dramatically love or you ridiculously insult eachother without taking offence 8I

10. If you could do whatever you want, what would you do?

8I ANYTHING? ... UH-UH-UH-UH... I'd go and visit :iconmetalatias5: and :icongobziller: XD
1) With me and Meta, No idea what would happen I guess it'd be drawing, watching films, etc. 8I
2) If it were me and Gobby XDD I'd troll him the entire day and constantly hug and ship 8I


1) Well, I tagged ya, do you hate me now? XD
2) :shrugs: that's your opinion I guess, Oh well. Do I know you well? - Meaning have we ever spoken to eachother or did I just watch you for no reason and just for arts? XDD
3) Why did you join DA? 8I
4) WHY DID YOU WATCH ME D8< WHO DA HECK YA THINK YOU IS?!... :I dont say your name XD *expects troll faces and their names or something troll-like*
5) Favourite Fandom?
6) Hobby?
7) Character in any way, yours, films, etc. I dont care XD I'm just throwing stuff at you *throws questions at your face*
8) Like to RP as much as I do? XD
10) Now gimme a daww, please :meow: I need my daily dose of cuteness :D



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Storm Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
:iconsmilieplz: Hey there! :meow: welcome to my page!

My name is XxQueenStormxX but you can call me Queen for short :) I like draw Cartoons, fanart, etc. and I will even RP with you guys with my OCs! :dummy: I like to always make sure I post regularly as I always like to keep my watchers updated about things. Thanks for sticking by, leave a :+fav: or a Comment if you'd like :aww:


:iconreadingplz: Any Information we should know about, Queen?

Join TheBowieArmy Group! :D :iconthebowiearmy:

I'm the creator of The Bowie Army Over 20 Bowies in total so far! :iconwowplz: Bowie, PervyBowie, EvilBowie, ThiefBowie, MaskBowie, BeastBowie, KittyBowie, TB1, TB2, SkinBowie, DigBowie, ShellBowie, CatBowies, Cat, Koda, Feivel, Pib, Paige, SpiderBowie, WingBowie, FleaBowie, Mou, Lin, Rouge, SeamBowie, Blake, VooBowie, JokeBowie

:o How well do you guys know me?… - QUIZ

Queens Commissions by XxQueenStormxX - :dummy:
Queens OCs Stamp by XxQueenStormxX - :noes:

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