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When Help Comes.. by XxQueenStormxX
When Help Comes..
As you all know I love these sorts of situation where my OCs get into a life-ending/threating stage~ :meow: Because if they have parents or a family it's always gonna end up being a sad'awww or awww~

In this case an RP idea I got for when X finally shows up to rescue Sammy and PervyBowie, PervyBowie is in a room with Sherman which when hearing X Sherman gets annoyed by this, having been interrupted with trying to get PB to co-operate - Meaning making her like she is in the picture if she didn't bond with him 8'I) and so Sherman simply leaves PervyBowie in the room alone as she seems to be growing weaker and weaker~ I can just think of her trying to call for help or call out for X but her voice is just so croaky and weak she hasn't got the energy >:] ooohhh I love these types of ideas >XD
EvilBowie - She'll let go by XxQueenStormxX
EvilBowie - She'll let go… - everytime I hear this I gotta think of EvilBowie X'D I had to draw this just to get it out of my head..
Nice moment - Chorea and Adrea by XxQueenStormxX
Nice moment - Chorea and Adrea
RP between me and :iconmetalatias5: and there was a nice moment between Chorea and Adrea :) not really a dawww type of moment but still they had a normal convo despite being in Vicky and Victors place >.>' ...
Bowie, PB and EB - Short comic: That's it! by XxQueenStormxX
Bowie, PB and EB - Short comic: That's it!
Drew this at school today XD I drew one of my fav scenes from Lilo and stitch 2 - Stitch has a glitch. And crossovered it a little~… 00:23.
AQO's - Solving problems by XxQueenStormxX
AQO's - Solving problems
Thank you :iconjgaldragonborn: for asking a question :) (Smile)
If any of you would like to ask my OCs a question here's where you can do thatt: AskQueensOCs
King fella (Universe) I was thinking about making an Ask me blog for just the Bowie's but now that I've come across other fandoms and new characters you guys might want to know about more, I've decided to give you that choice of which OC to ask questions to :baffled: 

Examples on who you can ask :king: :

Bullet; Red TMNT: Tommy, Toasty, Pipsqueak, etc.
Bullet; Blue 9 : any from the Bowie Army and other examples like Hope, Faith, Sammy, etc..
Bullet; Purple  Torture OC : Vicky Torture, Nightmare Kitty, Adrea Franklin
Bullet; Yellow  The Personas: DarkQueen, FabQueen, Pedo-Stormy, Stormeh, DawwQueen.

:bighug: REVAMP Or maybe even decide to ask the one and only Queen! That's completely up to you! If you've already asked questions onto the Bowie blog I'd suggest to resend that on here as I'll soon ignore it to start fresh for the new questions. I may not always answer these back depending on the situation or amount that I get. Sweating a little... 

I am a dummy! and last thing... Go ahead and ask anything! We don't care! La la la la 

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:iconsmilieplz: Hey there! :meow: welcome to my page!

My name is XxQueenStormxX but you can call me Queen for short :) I like draw Cartoons, fanart, etc. and I will even RP with you guys with my OCs! :dummy: I like to always make sure I post regularly as I always like to keep my watchers updated about things. Thanks for sticking by, leave a :+fav: or a Comment if you'd like :aww:


:iconreadingplz: Any Information we should know about, Queen?

Join TheBowieArmy Group! :D :iconthebowiearmy:

I'm the creator of The Bowie Army Over 20 Bowies in total so far! :iconwowplz: Bowie, PervyBowie, EvilBowie, ThiefBowie, MaskBowie, BeastBowie, KittyBowie, TB1, TB2, SkinBowie, DigBowie, ShellBowie, CatBowies, Cat, Koda, Feivel, Pib, Paige, SpiderBowie, WingBowie, FleaBowie, Mou, Lin, Rouge, SeamBowie, Blake, VooBowie, JokeBowie

:o How well do you guys know me?… - QUIZ

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